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Previous Projects

We are interested in supporting our communities in varied and diverse ways, with a focus on giving youth a better start for a prosperous future. To do so, we have supported over 300 young people between the ages of 5 - 24 through a multitude of disciplines and activities. From sport for health and wellbeing, to music production for channelling creativity away from serious youth violence, to employability skills training and entrepreneurship advice and guidance, we are proud to have shared our expertise with young people in interesting and innovative ways. 

Please see below for a choice few of recent projects.


Aimed at 16-24 year olds, this series of workshops focused on self-employment as a route into employment and generating income. In addition to learning about how to set up a business, participants received help from experienced employability practitioners with drafting CVs, cover and speculative letters and develop employability skills for finding work.  


Participants learned interview techniques and received support with job searching. Identifying strengths and weaknesses, turning negatives to positives and getting help with application forms.


Get advice on accessing employers, growth employment opportunity sectors, apprenticeships and traineeships to further boost career prospects.

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Funded by Southwark Council through its Positive Futures Fund, this project introduced 11-18 year olds to the basics of music production.   Our participants all got to learn and work with studio grade equipment and software to enhance their abilities to create music. They also got to record vocals to their instrumentals with mentors guiding their content. ​ Created to provide local youth in Southwark a space to develop their musical talents, it also kept them in a safe environment that encouraged positive behaviour. 


Prior to the COVID pandemic we were delivering free football fun training for 5 - 12 year olds in North London. Young local children and their parents would interact with each other, building and fostering community relations whilst providing physical activity for their children. Run every Saturday at Downhills Park, the football sessions grew to over 20 children per session from a group of over 30 registrants.  Throughout the pandemic, we followed government guidance on outdoor activities and continued to provide this much needed and valued free service for local parents and children. In the last nine months, SkillsFC expanded to also delivering weekly sessions in Winns Common, Greenwich for another large group of teens and pre-teens who enjoy playing football.  



Our first major project of live face to face interactive workshops saw us mentor and coach 16-24 year old BME young people in entrepreneurship.This entirely self-funded programme helped our young people understand the entrepreneur spirit they possess. With our guidance and mentorship they learned the principles of starting a business. Positively, over 20% of the participants went on to launch successful businesses from the ideas they developed in our workshops. ​See some of their feedback on our testimonials page.


From engaging with young people we have found that money is a significant motivator among their peer group. With social media glamorising materialism and a culture of consumerism, we are ever more committed to developing greater understanding of personal economics within our communities.   These online sessions presented our attendees with the fundamentals of wealth and management and path toward financial freedom. ​ ​ Subscribe to our newsletter and receive free financial literacy content.

We continue to engage local partners, community groups, anchor organisations, funders and commissioners to co-develop and co-design creative ways to support our community and enhance opportunities for our youth. Below, we have curated some of our most successful projects to date.

We encourage feedback from you and would greatly appreciate your continued engagement that helps us further develop real, relatable and relevant services. If you are interested in joining us as a volunteer, trustee, funder or supporter, in any capacity, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you! 

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