Help for finding work

Infinite Paths

Recieve help with drafting CVs, cover and speculative letters and develop employability skills for finding work.  Learn interview techniques and get help with supported job searching.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses, turn negatives to positives and get help with application forms.

Get access to employers, apprenticeships and traineeships to further boost your career prospects.

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Sikiru Oshungbure


Health & Wellbeing through sport

Skills FC

Engaging and maintaining children's fitness through physical activity, Skills FC will use the popularity of football to develop dexterity, physical fitness and mental wellbeing in young children between ages 5 -12. the popular sport of football.

Through competition and teamwork children will learn the importance of cooperation, develop interpersonal skills, build confidence and learn discipline. Skills FC will also a safe environment and facility for young people to direct and positively channel their energies


Kaz Oshungbure

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Money Management

Financial Literacy

This interactive workshop teaches the basic principles of managing money - saving and making money and protecting what's important to you. The course covers a large range of topics to support a good level of understanding and as such is divided into levels.

Foundation - covers the basics of budgeting, bills management and savings.

Intermediate - covers debt management, loans,, building credit, understanding interest rates and tax.

Advanced - understanding long term savings, investment and financial planning

Signposting for further financial advice may be necessary.


Ade Adebowale