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Our Skills Centre is a concept built around remote working. Designed to meet you where you are via the wonders of modern technology! We are very flexible and work across many platforms, be it Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp, text, email or good old fashioned telephone calls, we aim to support you right where you are, your city, your town, your area. However's most convenient for you as we believe that your environment and accessibility is one of the most important factors in personal development.


Black Chess Pieces

Leadership Mentoring

It's no small secret that young Black boys and men (as well as Black girls and women) are disproportionately failed by mainstream services and institutions nationally. And so, with our ethos of do what you can, and do for thyself we mentor and teach our young people leadership skills at every possible opportunity through everyday role-modelling We believe our young people are the leaders of tomorrow and  all of our work is predicated on arming our youth with the tools of good judgement, self-awareness and aspirational thinking. Our projects are designed to develop 16 - 24 year olds through mentoring on the core principles of effective decision making, self-management and leadership to  grow into the promise of greatness they are often too maligned and ignored to see.


If you are interested in supporting young Black people through voluntary guidance and stewardship or want to know more please do get in touch via the Contact Us page.

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Navigation of Legal, Financial and Welfare systems

Information, advice and guidance on knowing your legal rights, understanding welfare and financial systems - from benefits entitlements, money management to credit facilities and banking resources - referrals to further potential areas of required legal and welfare signposting.

Basic money advice, better off calculations, financial literacy and budgeting tips are provided to young people to better equip them with access and knowledge for financial freedom.

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Young Businesspeople

Youth-led discussions & workshops

We actively engage with local community groups and forums that tackle social issues faced by young people, whilst encouraging them to develop their own unique voice. Whether through the arts, music, poetry or political engagement, we use peer to peer mentoring and interactive workshops to express ideas in a safe space that encourages and maximises their potential.

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Sikiru Oshungbure


Accredited and Non-Accredited Training

We offer multiple short and long term courses that lead to a recognised qualification(s) in the following:


  • Functional Skills (Maths, English)

  • Work skills and employability

  • Online Radio Broadcasting

  • Self Employment start up  

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Apprenticeships

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Sikiru Oshungbure


Community Outreach and Advocacy

Our outreach is focused on disadvantaged communities within London. Whether care leavers, NEETs, youth offenders or those from other challenging backgrounds, we aim to support young people through advocacy and signposting to relevant support groups for greater interventions to fulfil their life goals.

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Sikiru Oshungbure


Signposting and Partnerships

We believe in working in partnerships with local organisations and bodies that serve their communities. We are part of a think tank (Think Tank 720) that focuses on legal issues ranging from housing, criminal, domestic violence to immigration and legal representation in the criminal justice system.  

We are proud of our relationships with our affiliates and hope to further extend our reach and influence to continually improve opportunities for the socio-economic, socially excluded and disadvantaged.

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Skills Development Training

Our Aviva community fund

is generously matching every pound raised by you!

Aviva Community Fund is providing live match funding! All donations to Skills Development Training is match funded by Aviva to further support our work in the community. 

Every £1 given is another £1 earned toward investment in our community, please give generously.


Working Together

Interested in working together? Or as a Volunteer? Please get in touch, click here

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