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We believe our young people are the leaders of tomorrow and our course on leadership is designed to develop 16 - 24 year olds through mentoring on the core principles of effective management and leadership.







Our Life Skills Centre is based where you are! We are very flexible and aim to support you right where you are, your town, your city, your area. Wherever's convenient to you as we believe that your environment and accessibility is one of the most important factors in personal development.

As we are focused on London, we have agreements from local community centres, libraries, churches, mosques, etc. to support our clients when space is needed for group based work. For one to one appointments we aim to be as flexible as possible to meet you where is most accessible to you. Alternatively we can work with you through social media, telephone and other means that are convenient to you.


Our outreach is focused on disadvantaged communities within London. From care leavers, NEETs, unemployed to prison leavers and more, we aim to support life skills and positive integration through skills development, training signposting and relevant interventions to fulfil employment goals.



Accredited and Non-Accredited Training

Employability Support

We offer multiple short and long term courses that lead to a recognised qualification(s) in the following:


  • Functional Skills (Maths, English)

  • Work skills and employability

  • Online Radio Broadcasting

  • Self Employment start up  

  • Social Media Marketing

  • SIA Security

Preparation for employment we support with the following:


  • Writing CVs, personal statements, cover/speculative letters

  • 1-2-1 Job broking and job searching

  • Mock Interviews

  • Workplace conduct

  • Communicating with your colleagues and managers

  • Priority Management

  • Equalities and Diversity Training

We encourage and engage with regular local community forums that take place with young people in and out of education looking for career advice and progression such as a Traineeships, Apprenticeships, work placements and internships as well as general issues around confidence, motivation, goal setting and more. Through the For You By You course participants organise a youth led x-factor style event to showcase their talent.

Mental Health Counseling and Mentoring

Crisis intervention and advocacy services for 11-19 year old victims and perpetrators of crime

We understand that there is a growing need amongst young people in regards to their

emotional, psychological and behavioural needs. We are therefore able to offer counselling through signposting to our complementary services network to young

people who require such support, which will enable them to understand their individual needs and in addition facilitate both personal growth and development.

Support is also given to parents and families in the form of signposting to complementary services so as to further support vulnerable young people.

Navigation of Legal, Financial and Welfare systems

Information, advice and guidance on knowing your legal rights, understanding welfare and financial systems - from benefits entitlements, money management to credit facilities and banking resources - referrals to further potential areas of required legal and welfare signposting.

Basic money advice, better off calculations, financial literacy and budgeting tips are provided to young people to better equip them with access and knowledge for financial freedom.

We aim to support young offenders reduce their offending behaviour by identifying and addressing triggers and causes of offending behaviour. By engaging with local Youth Offending Services, Safer Neighbourhood Teams and emergency services local community initiatives, we also aim to support reparation and restoration by facilitating dialogue between offenders and victims to understand the impact of antisocial behaviour on local communities and how to promote positive behaviours that build potential reconciliation.

Wellbeing, Health & Fitness

Work Experience, Traineeships and Apprenticeships

Receive advice and guidance on deciding the right path for starting your career. Whether it's through work experience from our network of employers or enrolling on a traineeship or apprenticeship course, we will assist you in identifying opportunities that are right for you.

Starting Your Own Business

We provide information, advice and guidance on starting your own business from idea, dream to reality.

How to create passive income and earn money from a passion or hobby. Understand HMRC and how to set up a legitmate business, from writing business plans to applying for start up business grants and loans, we can guide you through the process of achieving your entrepreneurial goals.

We cover basics in Health and Safety, Food Hygiene, etc. through active signposting to complimentary services.

Fitness, physical health and wellbeing information, advice and guidance also to combat obesity and improve overall physical and mental health.

Join a flexible programme that teaches self-discipline and focus, balanced, healthy diet and nutrition for young people at a key stage of their physical development.

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